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IBC Pre - Formation Questionnaire


1. Proposed name of the company

2. What type of business will the company be engaged in?

3. If it plans to do business, will it be an online business or a brick and mortar?

4. If online, provide a website: 

If brick and mortar, provide address:

5. If it plans to do business, where will the customers be located?                                                                                           

6. Please provide country and full physical address from where the business will be managed.


7. Which of the Company Status you want the Company to have?


8. Will it be a Holding Company?


9. If yes to #8, will it be holding assets in Belize?

10. Will the company hold or own any Intellectual Property e.g. trademarks, copyrights etc.?

11. Will the company open a bank account?


12. Will the bank account be in Belize?


13. Will the company be associated with any other company, be a part of a structure or be affiliated with any other group of companies?

14. Will the associated companies be in Belize?


15. Kindly provide passport for Director, Shareholder and beneficial owner. 


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